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Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Beginnings VIII

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  1. Girl, I hope you know you have ME wrapped around your finger with this series! I can never get enough...every time I get to the end I find myself going "NOOoooooOOO" (read like announcers during a football/soccer match screaming Goooooalllll) I had to highlight one of my favorite lines in this part that I read, and then reread, and then read again because it was so pleasing to my ears...

    “See, see how much I care girl…you have me. Right here, right now, every single inch of me. Take me, take all of me.” **FAINTS**

    Why? Why? Do you do me that way!? My lawd that was a sexy scene! **deep breath** That doggone Diana though...always mucking things up! Can't wait for more to CUM!

  2. @Maria

    I am so glad you love it girl. WHAT would I do without you!!!

    You highlight is so cool, who among us wouldnt have wanted to hear him say that to us at the height of passion. Huh uh uh!!!

    We got lots more to ...cum! Woo

  3. Poor Tio Michael: almost killed by his almost sister-in-law. LOL! He better look over his shoulder from now on... :-)

  4. @Nightgarden...

    Hey I finally got him up off the floor for you girl! LOL AND ALL IN ONE PIECE too.

    "Just look over you shoulders boy" ha ha

  5. Thank you for finally saving his fine a#* (as we can see in the first pic)!

  6. Yes, that pic is pretty hot...
    might, greasy, durty.....HOT


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