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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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  1. @Kelz... I am assuming that is in the positive? Such suspense, hangin on a string. But at least we know how it first went down

  2. One thing is sure: if Diana never made love to Michael in real life, I'm sure she has regretted it and will for the rest of her days...Very sensual: but please, now take him out of the big troubles you dragged him into, will you? ;-) We are worried...:-)

  3. @ Nightgarden,

    Why do I have the feeling Diana dipped her foot in this pool (see above pic) a few time. ;-)

    Dont worry, we will be back to Michael and his mystery next week...

    Thanks for your reading and sticking around.

  4. Damn girlie...sheesh i enjoyed it!

    I need moree! haha =]

  5. @Anon 5:59

    LOL...even I enjoyed this one. It is one of my favorites yet. Imma take up a collection so I can quit work and write full time. ;-)

    Laptop check
    Boatdrink check
    Sunscreen check
    Beach check
    Hot Michael Pics check
    lots of inspiration check

    yep I could do that full time

  6. Confession: I am "going back in" for my 2nd read....so, does that mean when I read it now it technically won't be Michael's first time anymore? LOL! By the way, you are a force to be reckoned with! Lawd have mercy...now let me get myself a fan, towel, and some ice cubes while my pregnant butt prepares myself for the effects of another reading. haha ;)

    xoxo (and hope this comment actually goes through),

  7. @Maria
    We see you and I hope you made it through your "horrible" ordeal in one piece. Glad you had all the tools that are required to get you out of a jam though. You know how fond of ice I am.

  8. Laura you are the best honey! I love it! Wow your stories are amazing! Girl I'm starting to not mind the suspense at all. I guess it gives me something to look forward to lol! Keep it coming girl (*In Michael's voice LOL*)

  9. Laura!!!!!!!! I am speechless! As I said: you have "THE EYE" for such wonderful stories! From the first word of this story, till the last it was a pleasure and I am really amazed!

    For some reason (As I told you), I love the Diana stories very very much!

    The imaginaion of those two poeple is just...so sexy!

    Keep it up girl!

    I would love to finish my comment with Michaels words, he wrote for Diana and sang it with his own voice:

    Gotta do her, crawl all over me
    You can rip my shirt, drag me in the dirt
    I will be your slave, anything you say
    I don't ever wanna be, eaten alive!!

    (Michael Jackson, Eaten alive)


  10. @Shan (in Michael's Voice)
    "Keep it comin girl"

    OMG, I might have to use that line...I can just hear him whispering that to his woman now. It wont be long and your suspense will be lifted...maybe. LOL

  11. @Sissy....Love the lyrics

    Michael was really letting his true feelings out in that song wasnt he. He wanted to tear that stuff up.

    Thanks for posting...and more goodness is on the way.

  12. I LOVE IT!!!! If I didn't know any better I'd think you had some inside info... Can't wait for the next installment.

  13. Thanks Eri

    LOL, oh you know that little voice in my head. Bwahahahaha

  14. I feel Left out because I haven't read in a while. Ok a must read for me this week! Laura I'm adding this blog to my twitter page!

  15. Oh boy Cups, we about to blow up!!

    You can catch up with us...it wont take long. I know you have been busy and I am so proud of you.


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