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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Beginnings VII

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  1. Laura, Wonderful update as usual...hot make up sex...but who has the gun?? I really love this story. Update soon. Dawn

  2. Thanks Dawn.

    I know ya'll love the lovin!!!

    Poor Mike, just wants to go to the mountains and now he is on the floor...Who has the gun? Scary!!!!

    Stay tuned!

  3. This chapter is really full of interesting things: from little Julia back, to make up sex, to the Jerm...and the Thrillah finale...of course we'll stay tuned miss Laura. Our antennas are all up!
    Oh...and Miko really deserves an Easter basket from all of us, doesn't he?

  4. Yes Laura!!!! I love it!! Well not the suspense, lol but the story it's getting scary! Please don't let them hurt our poor Michael. Oh please oh pleeeeease! LOL

  5. @Nightgarden

    First off thanks for pointing out the interesting things. I was really happy to bring Julia back. I wanted to get her back sooner but this is perfect timing I think. I also thought it was weird that I was writing this story and all the stuff with the kids happened this week in the 3D world. Sometime it is a bit surreal...and yes Miko is the man. I swear, if I was ever to meet him he would be like girl you are a silly one. LOL Why do you act like you know me. Ha ha

  6. @ShanTASTICA

    Girl, you know you like the suspense. LOL
    It makes it fun. Lord knows we need an escape these days. LOL tell ya what, I write it, you read it...and we forget our problems for 30 or 45 minutes a week. Deal?

    Love ya


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