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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Beginnings VI

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  1. By email:

    Miss annah wrote:

    You're a really good writer. I loved all your stories.
    Was just hoping i you'd like to write about Mike and whatever random chick but in a more recent time period.
    (say 2000s?).

    Your call


    The one about lexi was quite depressing

  2. By email:

    Miss Jen wrote:

    I absolutely love this story, you are a wonderful writer. I really want you to continue the story! It's amazing! Please please please pretty please!

  3. To annah,

    Thanks for your email, I will certainly take your suggestion into consideration. I had always kind of planned at stopping when he met Lisa...because we pretty much know the story from there. However, we do have the lost years of 2000-2009 dont we?

    I know this last chapter was depressing, unfortunatly I write grown up stuff and it is not always gonna be happy. Just like life.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INPUT, I so love hearing from you. It means so much to me, it really really does.


    To Jen,

    Your enthusiasm is inspiring!!!! It makes me SOOOOO happy that you like Michael and Lexi together.(on paper LOL) I can honestly say it freaks me out that there are people out there who enjoy reading this stuff. So totally cool, REALLY!


  4. By email:

    Sha wrote:

    Laura please write more honey!!!!!!!!! I absolutely can't get enough of this story. I am HOOKED girl LOL. Although this last chapter left me heartbroken. I still want to see how it all turns out. You are such a good writer girl, you need to be some where writing books it'S so good lol. I hate when the story ends and I'm left in suspense. I hate that lol. SO PLEASE WRITE MORE I LOVE IT HONEY, YOURE DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB. *HUGS*

  5. To Sha,

    Love it, it is like having a cheerleader girl. Man...I wish I could go somewhere and just write books, how cool would that be? BTW dont you know I am supposed to leave you in suspense, you have to come back here for more now....

    Your vote has been counted...more Mike n Lexi


  6. Laura,
    Please please continue this story, I love it. I am here every day checking for updates. Yeah this chapter was heavy, but with that said it was very real which I feel makes the story more believable. He actually called here Diane.....WOW. Love love love it. More Please...Dawn

  7. To Dlsnj (Dawn),

    First off thank you for taking time out of your day to check for updates. I have to apologize for not being quick enough to be able to post more often. But alas...I must work for a living.

    I do try to keep it real (as much as we all love him ya know), and true to life.

    OMG he called her Diane, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!! There are some issues there, that self medicating obviously are not helping.

    Your vote has been logged.

    Thanks again

  8. Omg.. brilliant. I love it. So real.. please continue!!!

  9. To Anonymous,

    Thanks for the comment, I appreciate you reading...and keeping it real.

    Vote counted!

  10. By email

    NightGarden says:

    Miss Laura!

    I love Love LOVE when things get to crucial emotional/psychological hubs. I hope their love and passion will stay intense like this for a quite a bit before fate (maybe) eventually decides otherwise. Could she be the first one to really force him to face his demons? Is he going to retreat into denial (as we know he did, unfortunately)soon? I'm ready for what's next...

    PS: my subscription to 2000-beyond Michael goes without saying. ;-)

  11. To NightGarden,

    Your review/comments are always so enlighting. They make me think and push myself to be better. THANK YOU!

    You made some great points.

    Your vote is counted...both of them!

  12. I was not expecting this ending but very intriguing, and I liked it. No sappy stuff... MJ was a conflicted man and this is the first fan fic that really does try to delve into his emotional state.

  13. To LIML,

    Glad you are intrigued and that you like it.
    You know how much I regard your opinion.
    I figure if I am going to spend this much time doing this I want to have a quality, thought provoking product.

    I guess the part that is hurtful, is that I am afraid this scenario did probably occur in his life. That bright light starting to flicker...

  14. Ms. Laura.

    I just finished reading all of your beautiful work. I am just in awe. Please continue Michael and Lexi.

    Please continue writing period. you're awesome.


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