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Friday, March 26, 2010

New Beginnings IX

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  1. Wow.. I hope Diana's ass leaves him alone and let him be happy with Lexi.. and I'm hoping Lexi will get pregnant soon too. Lol. Update soon, I love this!!!!

  2. Oh.my.goodness!! You have got me reeling! This chapter is heavy! I found myself wiping away tears at at least 3 different occasions! From the very beginning (which I might add starts off with a BANG--pun intended) I knew I was in for some major drama. How did I know this? Michael called Lexi, Alexis. When a relative, spouse, or significant other refers to someone who primarily goes by a nickname or a shortened version of their name by their full name...you know something serious is about to go down. The scene at the opening of the clinic felt so real. Reliving all of the tragically beautiful memories of the time Michael and Hunter spent together had me clutching my kleenex. And then lord have mercy...I don't even know where to begin about the passionate, aggressive, and assertive dominatrix Michael. I didn't know he had it in him...but I must say, I will be re-reading that scene again. Mark my words! LOL. Also, why does that Diana keep crawling back in and still messing with my Michael's head. At the flip of a coin that woman could just turn Mike's world "upside down!" Ugh, that scares me! I really hope this doesn't cause further problems down the line...*bites nails in anticipation* haha. Anyway, another WONDERFUL edition! I agree with anonymous above and to quote her (or him? it's possible haha) "Update soon, I love this!!!" :)

  3. @Anon 10:48

    Thanks for the feedback! Michael has an album dropping...you know Diana gonna be bugging Michael. LOL Let's see what Michael and Lexi decide to do about this Family thing.


    Wow...look at that COMMENT girl. LOL
    See what I get when I hold out on you? ha ha

    But seriously, glad you liked it. I even got misty eyed writing about Hunter again too. I will always have a huge soft spot for that "time" in Michael's (fan fiction) life.

    I must give credit for the little spin around the bedroom to one of our readers, from somewhere in Germany, (I will let her reveal herself if she chooses), Who wanted to see a little fight with our couple and angry Mike. So hats off for a great idea.

    Love that you caught the "upside down" reference. I was going to capitiize the first letters but I know how smart my readers are...and you proved me right. ;-)

    As always I will be updating as soon as I can. I wish I could just do this all day....but Sistah has to work ya'll.

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  6. OMG Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    That was one great, hot, passionate story! Thank you for involving my needs in your story! That was hellahot!

    I think Michael has also an aggressive side, which you can hear in many many songs (if you listen to some of his lyrics), which you can see in his beautiful face- expressions while performing from time to time (his eyes, his gaze, his lip moves...sometimes it is full of passion and yes, aggression) which you can see in his moves, his thrusts which are sometimes soft and very emotional and slow, sometimes playfull and innocence, but sometimes full of strenght, almost violently and merciless..which you can hear in his screams moans and groans between the lyrics, which you can see in his whole being... He is a passionate man...full of varying moods..
    And I love this (aggressive) side, too! It makes him even more sexy, and we all know that Michael can sometimes (like we all) be a wee bit selfish, if it comes to the worst!
    And as I said: a moody Michael is a darn sexy Michael, too!

    Wooooooaaa....I am still speechless...I had major pleasure while reading the story and particulary the Fight scene (read it several times)...
    Thank you Laura!

    Keep it up, gurl!
    hugs and kisses from Germany

    (Gonna mail you soon!)

  7. @Sissy,

    Yesssssssssssss, she didnt keep it In The Closet!!!! So glad it met your expectations girl...and thank you for the suggestions. I appreaciated them very much.

    As always I enjoy your and everyone elses emails and comments too. Make sure you bookmark the new site, we are moving outta here and on to that deluxe apartment!



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