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Monday, November 23, 2009

Michael's Train of Love- Part VI

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  1. A lovely story with a lovely shout-out to a lovely girl :)

  2. Thank you Magz...that was a lovely thing to say! ;-)

  3. Wow, Michael would have been so happy to have a baby like this with a woman he was madly in love with! Thanks for sharing this with us so we can enjoy it and imagine that this is the way it could have been.

  4. Things could have been so different, alas...

  5. ...and let's not forget a mention to the special guest star: Louuuuuuuie! :-)
    Finally, my cutie pie's talent gets some aknowledgement.
    "He is really beautiful.(...)"

  6. :-)
    He is beautiful, I love them and alpaca's too. I really believe that MJ and Louie must have had some heartfelt conversations over the years...


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