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Monday, November 16, 2009

Michael's Train of Love- Part V

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  2. This is sweet. I'll highlight my favs:

    “This is the only stallion you need girl.”

    Michael smiled and said, “Girl when have I ever been afraid of a little lipstick.”

    They are so sweet and loving together. We always knew Michael was a romantic, but you just brought it to life for us :)

  3. Thanks April...I appreciate you taking the time out to enjoy the story.

  4. OH LAWD, can it get any better???? Damn this woman is talented!!!! OK, my favorite part would have to be this:

    Michael’s jaw clenched and he pursed his lips as his slid through her wet walls, he breathed deeply, desperately concentrating on the connection they had together. He pulled her up into his arms, turning her around so that they were now sitting in the pool together. Hunter sat astride him like she had the horse earlier in the day at the stables. “That’s it baby; let me give it to you. Just the way you like it.”
    My aunt is over here drooling all over my damn computer...literally spit drops, I told her to close her mouth when she reads the story!
    now it time for me to cool off...
    Nice job Soul sista #1

  5. OH my damn....
    “Make love to me”, Hunter begged through his kisses. Her hands wiped his eyes and she kissed his face softly hoping to ease his troubled mind. Michael untied her soaking wet robe and ran his hands along her body, “You feel so good against my skin, let me take this thing off of you.” She stood up and he cast the barrier aside, but returned his mouth to her stomach. “I think this is where I left off, I owe you…” Michael’s voice trailed off as he traveled down to taste her. She turned and sat on the edge of the pool and opened up for him. He placed small sensuous kisses on her inner thighs finally using his lips and tongue to suck and lick on her center of pleasure. He could feel her wetness on his lips and couldn’t resist thrusting his tongue inside of her as he used his fingers to continue her stimulation.

    OH my damn.....


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