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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michael's Train of Love- Part VII

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  1. No literary critics this time: I can only say that the story (especially the epilogues) has shaken my emotions.
    It's all I can say right now.

  2. Awww, dear: why? We could never hate you.
    Personally, I am truly very shaken and it was really hard to read through this chapter till the end...

  3. I understand why you had to do it. They were deeply in love and starting a family, and in order for this to play out and be plausible, you had to clear the way for the future romances in his life, and after Hunter there would have been none if she had lived. Don't hate you too much :)

    Keep writing! Do you have any other stories swirling around in your head?

  4. Thanks guys, it was really hard saying goodbye to this character. I had several times I had to leave the computer and walk away. The baby kicking, The last time they made love, when he said goodbye to her on the plane, Him screaming to Miko...

    I dont have anything left in me right now, maybe in a bit. It is kind of a relief to finally get this all out of me. I always knew the ending, it was just putting all the pieces in place to get there. I tried to make each part have meaning to the story.

    BTW I was asked..where I came up with her name:

    Hunter was derived from Diana-Goddess of the Hunt from Mythology.

    I tried to make her exactly the opposite of Miss Ross.
    Long blonde hair
    Green eyes
    sort of a tom boy
    but still captivating to Michael

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read my story. It has really meant a lot to me.

    I love you more....

  5. OMG, How could you Laura!

    No im only joking, beautiful story. really enjoyed :)

  6. I know I shouldn't have read the story in the first place. At first the story was okay I said maybe I'll read it but it was down hill from there; it was just not good.

    I notice that some parts of your story sound vaguely familiar. like I've read it somewhere . . . it really sounds similar to another Michael Jackson fan fiction story (you know what I'm talking about!).

    So basically Laura, lets stop this now. You wrote your fantasy out - that was nice. Thanks for putting us through seven chapters of boredom and next time if wanna copy off of somebody else so that your story actually sounds as good as the other person's [b] then make it good.[/b]

    It's obvious that you're reading the other person's story as you're writing yours.

  7. Gee Michael continues to bring the crazy...

    Please go away, kaithxbai

  8. Not sure who you're talking about but seriously take up knitting or something - its a better use of your time no matter what your online friends tell you to make you feel good. you know what i said is true and lol @ you including glenda in your stories, i thought you said the tapes were fake?

  9. Beautiful ending to a beautiful love story. Loved it.

  10. Laura,

    You, your story and your writing are beautiful and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. I knew the ending could not be a happy one but I loved the story nonetheless. Thank you for sharing your gift w/us.


  11. Who the hell is "shaking my Head"?? Are you serious? that shows how much of a lame ass you are. You personally take time out to stop by this blog and post negative remarks. Laura is doing a fantastic job with keeping us entertained with her magical MJ stories. Go drink your hateraid somewhere else, it's not wanted here. But then again, there will be HATERS................ Stop it and grow the hell up!

  12. Shaking my head at Cup Cake the big hypocrite and Laura if u only knew what Cup Cake has said about u behind your back lol! you guys are like tenth graders. don't let me post the emails that were posted back and forth to lots of people. all of you guys constantly talk about each other.

    the story is not good, anyone who tells you it is is lying to you. notice its only your little crew telling you what you wanna hear lol. doncha get tired of kissin' each others ass?

    this crap needs lots and lots of work - too much for me to break it down for you.

  13. You know you could just post with your real name...we all know its you.

    Why do you care so much? Just do your own thing girl. Dont you have to write about castles and black stallions?

    BTW I love my crew, if they talk about me oh well...wouldnt be the first time that has happened would it.

  14. Oh I pushed some buttons didn't I? Do me a huge favor and send Laura the emails that you supposedly have. In the past yes, we have exchanged emails mostly about that crazy bitch I did't get along with. Edit your fucking crazy ass emails. I am officially done with you leave Laura t
    alone. Damn does she have to get FBI on your ass. Handle your business biotch.

  15. llllllllllllllloolllllll - we know it's u? omg!!! that's too funny. do u not understand that u r still my "friend" on fb? I'm supposed to "watch" u. u and your shady posse. omg, too funny and now u have cupcake joining in on da game. why do you keep bringing that other site up! U r obsessed! How old r u, 13? If u had an ounce of talent in your little wrinkled finger u wouldn't be so worried abt someone who is obviously not thinkin' abt u -- cupcake has been emailing so many people not even she remembers. ya'll are toooo funny!
    Ya'll got me on my iphone typing this out. this is toooo funny!!!!!

  16. I have it all right here....

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    Hmmmm, who could it be?

  17. Oh and I can tell your not on an iphone too...

  18. Dear Laura,

    I would apologize for my daughter posting on your blog but since you're a Scorpio like she is you might understand her motivation.

    I see you have a Static counter on your blog tracing IP addresses - is this REALLY that serious? Are you kidding me?

    I didn't even know anything was up until I tried to go to MJGoldPants because I like to read Kelz stories.

    Of course, I pretty much talk to my daughter about everything and she's been having some fun with you I see. You didn't realize you were talking to a 16 year old child?

    Well your mission was accomplished with your IP address posting. You worried her so much she had to confess to me what she'd been doing. I would really ask that you remove it but if you want to keep it up there, that's on you. Karma is real and you, professing to be a Reiki Master should understand that. Although I bet you being a Reiki Master is as real as the conversations you professed to be having with Michael from beyond the grave.

    I do not mince words nor do I bite my tongue.

    I said on the blog exactly what I felt about your behavior since you asked me to help you write a story that you specifically said you couldn't write.

    I sent Cup Cake a message all about it even before I said anything on KOP.

    Recently, when I saw she had stopped being a follower of CobraCrack and when I click her blog, I saw that she was following you I thought that was beyond childish and I told her so.

    Of course, she denied having done anything negative and told me some crazy story about her only wanting to change her name so that no one could see her real name and asked if she could refollow me.

    You might want to tell her, since you two are good friends now, that her real name still shows up as a follower of CobraCrack.

    Of course, I don't mind if she likes to read the stories I put up but if she wants to show her loyalty to you by not being "friends" with me, then she might want to change that.

    Just so you also know, I also told Magpie exactly what I felt about the high school taking sides games that have been played and what a sad ego game I thought it was.

    I have sent her an email requesting that my name be removed from your group list and also asking her how to exit myself from her group.

    There is far too much childish negativity going on with you ladies and I am shocked because you guys are grown women.

    I cannot believe that you do not realize that your behavior is exactly the behavior of the type of people that Michael would want to have nothing to do with. Lies, manipulation. You guys are the Thomes and Schmuleys he was running from.

    I want nothing to do with this negativity.

  19. I obscured half of the IP address, but your true colors showed themselves clearly when you were revealed. (the tracker was installed as a hit counter so dont pat yourself on the back)

    Blaming your daughter is dispicable, own up

    I have nothing to be ashamed of, so you cant embarrass me.


  20. Whew, bypassing the negatvity here....first of all, I'm sorry it look me so long to get to this. It sure didn't go in the direction I expected :(

    you've written beautiful stories and I hope you find the inspiration to continue to write :)


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