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Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Beginnings: Part III

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  1. Oh...Jackson family dynamics all the way here: from slimy Joe to suspicious mother hen Katherine to the brothers. Interesting! And those two DID have their own private 4th of July, didn't they? ;-)
    PS:quote "Oh God Michael, you are so big inside me"...I bet he is!

  2. It was interesting writing the family in finally. I am so thankful to them for the reality show that allowed us to get a small peek at their personalities. LOL Love you Jackie ;-)....oh and Tito we will be getting to you more dear.

    BTW 4th of July is my Favorite holiday, can you tell?

  3. LMAO!!!! Oh god this just keeps getting better! Ok, Joe had me rolling on the floor, I could sooooo see this happening! Lexi is hot (according to the photo) and the siblings are mad crazy! Well done! Can't wait for the next one....oooohhhhhh a love scene in the studio...Hizot!!!!! God I love your stories I swear it is a weekly fix!

  4. Ok, Laura has officially out done herself with the sex scenes

    Removing his fingers he grasped himself and rubbed his tip up and down her lips and entrance. Lexi thrust her hips towards him tossing her head from side to side anticipating him inside her. Slowly he pressed inside her, feeling her walls envelope him as he progressed along her willing tight path. Michael pushed until he met resistance, “Relax baby, you are so tight.

    Oh LAWD...LAWD...Calgone somebody come take me away!

  5. I love you Cake...You are always so enthusiastic! BTW did you already forget Dita? They were in the studio girl!!!!!!!

    I love when you copy and paste a portion apart from the story...somehow it makes it seem so much more steamy to read the words that way. LOVE IT! ;-)


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