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Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Beginnings: Part II

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  1. Really touching Laura: the fact that he meets and relates to a person who has been through what he has been through is very intense. It was a bitter-sweet read and you can almost feel the deep communion between them. Waiting for what's coming next!

  2. Laura,
    Don't remember how I found your blog but I am hooked. God I love your writing. I check for updates a couple times a day. I just remember bawling my eyes out when Hunter died, and I really loved Pictures of you. Please keep it going. Dawn

  3. Hi Dawn,
    So nice to see you here. I am glad you are enjoying the stories and I appreciate hearing from you and what parts you like the most! I still really like Part III with Michael and Hunter in Paris alot, they just seemed happy at the end, ya know?

    I wish I could write faster, but I have to work for a living so I do them as soon as I can. Keep checking back though, and my email is on the left if you need anything.

    @Nightgarden, Hey girl....What a trip huh girl. Still waters run deep as they say!

    @Kelz, quit drooling and get that drank from Louie. LOL

  4. Well hot damn....these love scene's are making me want to sin desperately! I will fight the force. OMG, Laura the love making is off the hook. Go ahead wit yo bad self!!!!! :) Lexi is one lucky girl!

  5. Laura your talented ass better be working on another story! LOVE YOU!!!!!

  6. Love you too Cuppy Cake. But remember...the Force, it's got alot of POWER! ;-)

    Oh and I like the idea of desperate sin making.....Mmmmm hmmmm.

  7. As usual I love it. You have a great ability to make it all seem real. This stuff is like a Calgon Bath...it takes me a way!

  8. @Eri

    WHAT! It's not REAL! Say it aint so!

    Thanks girl. You know how much I appreciate hearing from you and everybody. If I can help take everyone away for 40-45 minutes every week or so then I am happy. I still think I have the need to reason and justify since we havent and probably wont get any in our lifetimes. So I will just write it up and make my own sense of it all.

  9. WOW Laura!!! These stories of yours are hot girl!!!

  10. Thanks Shan...so good to see you 'round.

    I have an active imagination I guess. LOL


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