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Monday, December 14, 2009

Wasted Time

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  1. Miss Laura,

    You have outdone yourself this time. This is soooooooo good. I can totally imagine this scenario. Sometimes we love most the one who is worst for us. OMG you hit the nail on the head. And speaking of head (i'm such a DH), the sex description was amazing. Can just imagine all that pent up passion and desire bursting out. Love the end too - it makes perfect sense - he did find a way to tell the whole world, naming her his children's guardian in the event Katherine was not able. You go grrrrrrllll! Spiced up my boring Monday night. Don't settle. 100% committment. No Dirty Dan's for us. LOL. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. Huge hugs, PRI

  2. Dang! "Tell me you're sorry". Nice! Another good story Laura...

  3. Oh, and I love the new format and pics on the website :)

  4. There something about Diana fanfic that just feels too real to me. "...give it to me" without a doubt is the hottest line. As usual, I love it.

  5. Thank you!! I really needed that! Sex scene in off the chain! Holly Molly!

  6. Glad that you all loved the story, and I am sorry that you had to wait a bit between entries. Unfortunately my landlord insists on my working for a living so that he gets paid (winks at Kelz) his rent.

    @Pri- I think if MJ would have had this experience happen to him prior to his love affair with Hunter...he would have fell right back into her arms and never questioned her intentions. But after understanding the dynamics of a quality relationship he knew he finally had to walk away for good and just remain her friend. (in the context of the fanfic LOL yes lurkers we realize its not real) BTW I liked the end with the guardianship too!!!

    @Magz- I love me some "angry Mike" (TM) and I can just picture him wanting to finally have some control over her. Thanks for the hint to correct my grammer (I cant believe I missed THAT, of all things LOL) Glad you like the new look. I put a lot of time in on it.

    @Eri- Back to Miss Ross, LOL were it all began. Back to where we thought up the whole crack insinuation. LOL She is a handful isnt she? We kind of owe her or she deserves a smack for all this fanfic business. Lord knows after going on the hunt for more and better stuff look at where we all ended up!!!!! "Give it to me" , I bet she did,more than once too.

    @Cake- Glad you like it babygirl. I had a feeling you would like this story. Make sure you tell Auntie to come read all about it too. Damn, now you have me thinking about chains.....

  7. Ah...
    I was waiting with my hand on the door frame, foot tapping, for my angry bambi...and here he is finally!;-)
    Diana is probably the only woman in M's life we somehow almost "know". So much of his complex and deep feelings for her has transiped from his look, his behaviour, his choices throughout his life.
    Anger, but also the love you know you'll somehow feel for that one person for all your life are well conveyed through your story.
    I loved it, Laura: loved it!

  8. Ohhhh boy! Damn Laura! Where do I even start?! Your words can capture a moment like no one else. Danielle Steel, sit yo butt down!! Nora Roberts, you got nothin' on Laura!

    I am literally still in a state of shock after reading this one. I don't even have a favorite part this time because the ENTIRE story is my favorite part!! I mean Michael dominating and making demands on Diana?! ("Do it, give it to me") WOW, YES PLEASE! Then you just came at me with those perfectly crafted sex scenes and lemme just say...I had to "ease on down" from my excitement. Also, the meaning behind the words in Mike's letter to Diana was brilliant! You are so clever and I always get a kick out of how you can so seamlessly weave in the real with the fantasy. You amaze me Laura and I can never get enough. I will be eagerly and impatiently (haha) waiting for your next story!!

  9. This is the first Diana fanfic I read... and I loved it! I like the angry and aggressive Michael too, just because I don't think you're far off base: I'm sure he had his moments.

    Great read... keep them coming!!!

  10. Actually, there another long & FABULOUS Michael & Diana fiction at


    It is very good, so is this one I have just read, great work.

  11. Or the easiest way to get to the other great Michael and Diana fanfic is to google "Michael Jackson & Diana Ross fanfic" and the link will come up. (and it's posted on the mjfc forum fanclub). And there 3 pages of the fanfic.

  12. Love the story
    I hope you write more
    D/M stories.


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